Lift Platforms

We offer customized industrial lift platforms that can be used for a variety of different production and industrial applications such as:​

  • Lifting platforms for people​
  • Mobile platforms​
  • Static platforms​
  • Material platforms

We can create a custom solution that meets the needs of your process and that will fit within the layout of your production facility.

Industrial lifting platforms can be static or powered up & down via pneumatics, hydraulics, or electric motors.​

Lifting platforms in workstations in large production facilities and can use PLC to make height adjustments automatically based on the person or product using the platform.​

Industrial lift from Givens Machine Systems used to lift vehicle for production
Pneumatic height adjustable platform for an automotive shell
Industrial lift platforms from Givens Machine Systems
Hydraulic height adjustable platform for assembly line​ workers

Industrial maintenance platform from Givens Machine Systems
Static maintenance platform​
Height adjustable industrial lift platform for assembly lines from Givens Machine Systems
Height adjustable platform for an assembly line, PLC controlled with an HMI​

Industrial Carts

Givens Automation and Machine designs and manufactures custom industrial carts for a range of varying applications in production facilities and factories:​

  • AGVs
  • Tuggers
  • Push Carts
  • Conveyor Carts
  • Table Carts

Industrial carts can be designed to suit your unique production process and product needs:

  • Fixturing to perfectly nest complex shapes​
  • Conveyor rollers to move boxes and pallets into and out of the cart
Industrial lift cart from Givens Machine Systems
Industrial tugger cart from Givens Machine Systems
Large lifting cart for industrial production from Givens Machine Systems

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