Custom industrial conveyors from Givens Machine Systems
U-Shaped gravity conveyor

Custom Industrial Conveyors

Givens Automation and Machine has provided a wide range of industrial conveyor solutions from gravity roller conveyors for small parts, to larger automated over-under conveyors for large automotive racks. Whatever your needs are, we can create a unique solution that integrates into your layout and process.​

Over-Under Conveyors

Over-Under conveyors make use of an overhead return lane for dunnage to conserve floor space in a factory or industrial production facility. A large scissor lift moves the empty dunnage from the feed lane up to the return lane on top.​

We can provide large heavy-duty over-under conveyor systems that can withstand a busy production environment for a long life cycle.

Automotive Engine Over-Under Conveyor
Over-Under Engine Conveyor
Over-under Conveyor - five (5) bay
A heavy duty 5 bay over-under conveyor system.  This system is PLC controlled with powered rollers and a large scissor lift.  Each conveyor bay has a capacity of  three 1100kg racks
Automotive Brake Caliper Chute
Automotive Brake Caliper Chute

Automated Material Feeders

Automated material feeders can be a major improvement for correct part picking, part inspection, or general job flow efficiency in a production facility. Some examples of process improvements that we can integrate using industrial material feeders are:​

  • Vision inspection for parts​
  • Feeding out one of several part variants, depending on the job in station​
  • Conveyors on carts: carts are swapped out instead of refilling at the line​
  • Return dunnage for empty boxes or pucks​
  • Pick lights and touch to pick lights​
  • Light curtains to signal correct part picking

Line Side Production Conveyors

Line side conveyors help deliver sequence materials from a warehouse to the production line. Our range of conveyor systems can be tailored for simple or complex production processes, depending on your production planning needs such as a simple roller rack for boxes, to automated part feeders.

Automotive Differential Over-Under Return Conveyor
Automotive Differential Over-Under Return Conveyor

Warehouse Conveyor Systems

Warehouse conveyors are typically used to move large volumes of products in bulk packaging. They help to sort and sequence parts and to keep production parts moving to the front of the floor space to make the most out of the room available in a production facility.

In most cases, warehouse conveyors rely on gravity rollers since they are low maintenance, take less floor space, and allows for quick movement.​

Multi-lane Gravity-fed Pallet Conveyor
Multi-lane Gravity-fed Pallet Conveyor
Warehouse Turntable Conveyor
Warehouse Turntable Conveyor