Torque Drivers

Givens Automation and Machine provides solutions to improve your operations. We use self positioning, custom fastening systems. Tools like torque drivers are necessary in every production environment. Our torque tools quickly tighten fasteners and ensure the correct torque spec is achieved.

We design custom systems that locate the tooling to your product, aligns multiple nut runners, and fastens multiple torque points simultaneously to optimize production. It is possible to integrate these systems using Air logic, PLC controls, DC torque tools, or pneumatic torque tools.

Improve Manufacturing Operations

By investing in custom fastening systems from Givens Automation and Machine, you can;

  • Reduce labor costs: One operator running multiple tools.
  • Improve ergonomics: Operator controls are adjustable regardless of the tools position.
  • Improved cycle time: Multiple fasteners installed simultaneously.
  • Improved repeatability: Tooling aligns to the part or fixture, increasing position repeatability.
Nut Runner
Custom Crane Hung Nut Runner
Custom fastening torque tool from Givens Machine Systems

In this demonstration, the custom-designed torque tool approaches the rear of a vehicle body and aligns itself to the vehicle. The 4 DC torque spindles are inserted through the rear window opening and expand to reach the bolts. All four bolts are torqued simultaneously, before retracting the tooling.

Enhance Production with Custom Torque Tools

PLC controls can integrate many poke yokes such as target torque, fastener detection, misalignment detection, reverse function lockout, and vision inspection.

Using DC torque tools with torque controllers enables the ability to create a torque strategy, which monitors rundown angles and final angles to ensure a perfect torque is achieved each time. If the rundown angle does not reach its target before the set torque is reached, this could be an indicator of a damaged bolt.

PLC Controls
This tool positions a front fender onto a vehicle and fastens it to the body.

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