Lift Platforms

We offer customized industrial lift platforms are used for a variety of different production and industrial applications such as:​

We can create a custom solution that meets the needs of your process and that will fit within the layout of your production facility.

These platforms can be configured as static units or equipped with dynamic capabilities, allowing smooth powered adjustments through pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric motor systems. We’re dedicated to crafting a solution that seamlessly integrates with your production facility’s layout and processes.

Lifting platforms in workstations in large production facilities and can use PLC to make height adjustments automatically based on the person or product using the platform.​

Past Projects

Static Platform

This platform was engineered to elevate the operator 32 inches above the floor level, granting access to roof panel dunnage atop an AGV. By raising the floor, the operator could work ergonomically without unloading the AGV to ground level, avoiding additional steps and machine processes, potentially reducing cycle time.

The static platform elevation enabled precise placement of roof panels into a 30-degree slanted weld fixture. This provided a clear view of the fixture points, enhancing accuracy and repeatability in loading the parts.

Powered Platform

Two lift platforms were needed for each side of a conveyor line to inspect the paint quality on new car bodies passing by. These platforms have 25 inches of travel, adjustable in 5-inch increments using a pull cord.

Designed for operators standing on the platform during travel, a ball screw and VFD motor ensure a gentle, silent, and quick raising and lowering process. This design avoids the jerky movements of hydraulic lifts and eliminates slippery oil leaks common in hydraulic cylinders.

Safety measures include a toe guard that rises as the lift moves upward, preventing trips and providing a clear edge indicator. The design also minimizes pinch points, crucial for multiple users on the same platform.

Installed in 2012, these platforms remain in use, delivering reliable performance till date.