Integrated Production Systems

Givens Automation & Machine proudly offers integrated production systems or one-off automated machinery for manufacturing and production facilities. Control panel wiring, PLC programming, mechanical design, fabrication, painting and installation are all handled in-house at Givens Automation & Machine’s production plant, ensuring that quality and lead time is controlled from project conception to completion. ​

We deliver automated machinery that is operated pneumatically, electrically, hydraulically or a combination of the three. Specially designed equipment to work in conjunction with your existing production systems.​

Automated seat transfer machine over automotive assembly line built by Givens Machine Systems
Automated seat transfer – Picking up and carrying seats from one side of an assembly line to the other​
Automated chassis transfer carriage from Givens Machine Systems

We provide custom solutions that rely on automation to improve process functions or to replace obsolete processes throughout your production facility, including: ​

Automated G-RailTM Cranes

Automate your warehouse or work station movements with G-RailTM cranes. By adding PLC controlled electric tractor drives, we can automate the movements of the bridge and hoist to deliver materials between work stations without the need for production associates to follow or push the hoist. With several benefits of automated cranes or tractor drives, we can ensure they can;

  • Reduce injury and strain exposure
  • Repurpose indirect labor (traveling) to value added direct labor
  • Reduce fatigue from traveling
  • Free up floor space by eliminating the need for AGVs

Past Projects

Steering Gear Tie Rod Assembly

A semi-automated machine was developed to install and torque tie rod ends onto vehicle steering racks accurately. The system employed electric conveyors to lift fixture pallets for nut loading, with torque guns equipped to tighten nuts and tie rod ends precisely. The machine’s 3D printed carbon fiber socket aligned the tie rod ends, presetting the vehicle’s alignment.

After completion, the fixture pallets were released for unloading by an operator and then stacked for the next cycle. Incorporating safety measures like light curtains, the machine halted operation if an operator reached into it, enhancing safety and efficiency compared to the previous system. This innovative solution improved cycle times and reduced the manual workload for the operator.

Engine Transfer Crane

The engineered crane was tailored to lift finished engine assemblies from a moving fixture and transfer them onto stationary AGVs. It featured a compact platform for the operator, enabling ergonomic access to the engine’s top.

Operated by a wireless pendant, the crane automatically positioned itself over the moving engine, descended for easy attachment to the lift points, and then moved to position the engine over the AGV. The operator controlled the final descent manually, ensuring secure placement.

With minimal headroom available, a specialized carriage maximized the crane’s working height. Additionally, a contingency plan allowed for swift manual reconfiguration in emergencies, minimizing downtime due to breakdowns.